Interactive Teacher Sites

The following interactive websites are used by Yukon PS teachers. An archived version from Spring 2012 is available. * Teacher Curriculum Sites are also available.


Independence ES

Scratch Club (Tue & Thu after school club)

Mrs. Clinton (Librarian)
Mrs. Dukes
Mrs. Hooge (5th Grade Writing)
Mrs. Opgrande (4th grade)

Mr. Simon (4-5 STEM)
Lakeview ES

Lakeview Elementary Storychasers (Wednesday after-school club)

Mrs. Andraszek's Class Blog (4th grade - EduBlogs)

Mrs. Bonny's Class Blog (5th grade - EduBlogs)

Mrs. Goessen (Library)

Mrs Gregory (4th/5th Gifted)
  1. Video Channel (YouTube)
  2. Narrated Art (AudioBoo)
Mrs. Kofoed
  1. Writing Blog (KidBlog)
  2. Class Blog (EduBlogs)

Mrs. Loeffelholtz (4th/5th STEM)

Mrs. Runde's Class Blog (5th grade - EduBlogs)
Mrs. Watson's Class Blog (5th grade - EduBlogs)
Mrs. York's Class Blog (5th grade - EduBlogs)

Parkland ES

Mrs Murrow's Audio Channel (Kindergarten - AudioBoo)


Skyview ES

Surrey Hills ES

Student Projects (shared by Mrs. Urton)


Middle School

Mrs. Browning (6th grade Social Studies)
  1. Class Blog (EduBlogs)
  2. Class Video Channel (YouTube)
  3. 9/11 Audio Reflections (AudioBoo)
Mrs. Callison (6th grade ELA)
  1. 1st hour (Kidblog)
  2. 2nd hour (Kidblog)
  3. 3rd hour (Kidblog)
  4. 4th hour (Kidblog)
  5. 6th hour (Kidblog)
  6. 7th hour  (Kidblog)
  7. YouTube Channel
  8. Media Gallery (Posterous)
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Swanda
Mrs. Reed (6th Grade Literature)
  1. Audio Channel (AudioBoo)
  2. 1st hour (Kidblog)
  3. 2nd hour (Kidblog)
  4. 3rd hour (Kidblog)
  5. 5th hour (Kidblog)
  6. 6th hour (Kidblog)
  7. 7th hour (Kidblog)

Mr. Truelove
Mrs. Hamilton (6 Librarian - YouTube channel)
Mrs. Hendrix (7/8 Librarian - Goodreads Group)
Mrs. Robertson (8th English - Media Gallery with Posterous)

Mr. Ward (7th grade Geography

High School

Mrs. Williams

Yukon HS Senior Stuff (Counselors' Facebook page)