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Other CC Aligned Lesson Plan Templates

The following are other Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan Templates created by others.

Other Free Lesson Plan Examples:

  1. Ithaca, NY http://www.tstboces.org/node/183
  2. Kentucky http://magoffinschools.us/docs/7th-grade-ELA-common-core-unit-2-plan.pdf
  3. Illinois - http://webdocs.lis.illinois.edu/k12/handbook/LessonPlanTemplate.pdf
  4. Corunna, Michigan - Word format Lessons
  5. Sue Gendron's Common Core website - http://web.me.com/acaciatc/UACC/Intro.html
  6. Schools Moving Up / WestEd Common Core Curriculum Mapping site - http://www.schoolsmovingup.net/cs/smu/view/e/4884
  7. Commoncore.org ELA mapping project results to date http://techontheridge.pbworks.com/w/page/38818951/Spreadsheet-Results

Commercial Curriculum Maps

  1. From Commoncore.org http://www.commoncore.org/maps/index.php

Other Common Core Stuff

  1. Jennifer Watson Summer 2011 Common Core Presentation (Oklahoma SDE)